Why Most Published Research Findings Are False

Link. Anyone remotely interested in science or rational thought should read this study. Ioannidis has shown with great clarity how distorted the scientific process can become, has become in many cases.

This opinion piece on DSM-5, Diagnosing the D.S.M, shows a similar problem with the “science” of mental illness, as defined by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. From the article: “The association has been largely deaf to the widespread criticism of D.S.M.-5, stubbornly refusing to subject the proposals to independent scientific review.”

This should seem appalling in the 21st century, but we know it is not. Isn’t this partly what is meant by the First Noble Truth? That we humans–even scientists and professional doctors of the mind–tend to be delusional and make decisions based on greed, hatred, ignorance, and pride, decisions that cause needless suffering. Life is like a dream because our assessments of what is real are often so poorly formed.

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