Why FIML is better than psychotherapy

FIML is not better than psychotherapy if you are in the midst of a crisis or you do not have a suitable FIML partner.

In most other cases, FIML practice will work better than psychotherapy because FIML is done in real-time with a partner to whom you are genuinely connected.

FIML partners form an “interpersonality” that allows both of them to find their “authentic” beings; that is, their beings shorn of mistaken fixations within their “identities.”

Identity can be reasonably defined as “a semiotic nexus that is central to and defines much or most of the matrix of interpersonal semiotics known and used by an individual.”

Our identity, as defined above, is the “deluded” “self” of Buddhism. It is a delusion that causes suffering and it can be fixed by freeing ourselves from it, from its demands.

Buddhist practice can free us from this identity and so can FIML. Taken together, the two practices, I believe, work quicker and better than either of them taken alone.

Psychotherapy does not work as well as FIML in most cases because there is no way that a paid professional can provide the time or insight that a worthy FIML partner can.

In Buddhist terms, without extensive Buddhist practice, we are all deluded. In FIML terms, without extensive FIML practice, we are all crazy.

I do not believe there is anyone with a healthy “identity” who has not done extensive Buddhist and/or FIML practice. This is so because without sufficient analysis (the Buddha was an analyst) of the causes and conditions that produce and maintain our “identities,” they will function on their own; in a deep sense they will function unconsciously “without us.”

This causes suffering because the mind being led around by an unconscious (and harmful) “identity” will know at some level that it is not the authentic mind, not the mind that is capable of much more, not the “Buddha mind.”

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