You can’t say what they don’t already know

The main problem with culture is, in virtually all cases, “you can’t say what they don’t already know.”

Some very small cultures of just a few people are exceptions to this rule, but no large culture with anonymous and/or not-well-known members is.

Cultures demand constant authorization and reauthorization from their members. To stray from established norms is to weaken group authorizations.

In the world today, you cannot escape the above truth about culture. You will find it prevails no matter where you go.

In your private life you can escape the above truth by doing FIML practice. The whole point of FIML is to speak about things you don’t already know.

New evidence of rice domestication in China discovered

This discovery shows clearly that attempts were being made to remove wild strains from domesticated ones. From the study:

Plant remains dating to between 9000 and 8400 BP from a probable ditch structure at the Huxi site include the oldest rice (Oryza sativa) spikelet bases and associated plant remains recovered in China. The remains document an early stage of rice domestication and the ecological setting in which early cultivation was taking place. The rice spikelet bases from Huxi include wild (shattering), intermediate, and domesticated (non-shattering) forms. The relative frequency of intermediate and non-shattering spikelet bases indicates that selection for, at the very least, non-shattering rice was underway at Huxi.

The study: Rice Domestication Revealed by Reduced Shattering of Archaeological rice from the Lower Yangtze valley

The Orlando transcripts are still being spun

As a professional translator, I can say unequivocally that the Orlando 911 transcripts are still being spun by translating the word Allah to “God.”

There is no need to do this except to spin the story. I will leave concluding how and why it is being spun to you, the reader.

Unredacted 911 transcript from Orlando shooting.

Additionally, why are the Arabic sections of the transcript not being translated?

Intellectual intimacy

My partner said today that she thought many people ignore or avoid intellectual intimacy.

“They’re either afraid of it or don’t understand it’s possible,” she said.

I agree.

We know we exist, have minds, perceptions, emotions, thoughts. And we also have language. Shouldn’t many topics of conversation involve our intellects probing and sharing these rich areas of subjectivity, idiosyncrasy?