Case closed means open books

In the Hillary email scandal, case closed means open books on the topic itself and relevant info surrounding it.

Neither Hillary nor the FBI nor anyone else can use the excuse that the “case is ongoing” or “under investigation” and thus “no comment.”

Nor can they say “that information is classified” and “cannot be released to the public at this time.”

Reporters plead for Clinton press conference after FBI announcement

It’s been seven months since [Clinton] held a press conference (for comparison it’s been less than two weeks since Donald Trump had two back-to-back…

Just a few months ago, Clinton said that she’s the “most transparent public official in modern times.”

Hillary is in a bad spot. If she comes clean, it won’t help her with the public’s perception that she has not been trustworthy because she hasn’t been. If she continues to lie, cover up, and avoid the press it won’t help with those perceptions either.

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