Pizzagate update

Speculation I have heard and think is newsworthy.

My understanding is the content in the image below is correct.

Steve Bannon was good friends with Andrew Breitbart. Breitbart Tweeted about Podesta in 2011. This is clearly related to Pizzagate.

Bannon was number 2 or 3 at Breitbart at the time of Breitbart’s Tweet. Bannon became managing editor after Breitbart died. He must have known what Breitbart knew.

Today, Steve Bannon has been named chief strategist and Senior Counselor for the Presidency of Donald Trump. This means Trump must also know.

Did Trump run to bust Pizzagate? Is Trump planning to do something?

If Pizzagate is, as many suspect, only the most recent excrudescence of deep disease within US and world government, one can imagine an immense scandal being exposed.

Another scenario is little or nothing is exposed but the perps are forced to retire from the scene and never show their faces in public again. In this case, it ends quietly but just as surely.

Only a Trump presidency could do this. The NSA must have the info in their database on Pizzagate and who is involved. Are intelligence officers helping Bannon and Trump?

Is this the coup Steve Pieczenik was referring to in early November?

Are we being prepped for some really bad news?

America as a Promised Land for Jews: Threatened by Muslims, Israel and White Identity?

by Kevin MacDonald

I am going to talk about Jews. It’s not that I relish doing this, but somebody’s got to do it, and it’s definitely a subject that needs to be addressed as best we can, fairly and factually, and with the understanding that we are not talking about all Jews but about activist Jews and the general thrust of the organized Jewish community…

…Multiculturalism is the contemporary version of utopian Marxist rhetoric that was pushed by three generations of Jewish intellectuals: Even after millions of murders and the incarceration of many more millions, they preached that we can look forward to the utopian dream of a classless society. Now we are supposed to look forward to a future of blissful ethnic harmony, despite the long and bloody history of ethnic conflict around the world. As with communism, these utopias ultimately fail because they are not based on scientific views of human nature or on the social science research on the costs and consequences of multiculturalism to native populations. (Source)

Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill: “Multiculturalism has no future”

“Multiculturalism has no future. Because it implies different cultures mixing. Different cultures and religions pour together and shaken vigorously to create a kind of cocktail. That would be impossible because of deep rooted traditions.

“..this very approach contains a dangerous source of division, and I mean the fundamental division of the ‘brother against brother’ kind.”(Source)


I do not know what to make of pizzagate. Some say it is all fake news. Some say it is disinfo designed to distract from Julian Assange’s disappearance and/or discredit alternative news sources.

The pizzagate subreddit on Reddit was shut down yesterday for being a “witch hunt.” I can sort of see this reasoning but don’t agree with it because that does not seem to be what was actually happening. Crowd-sourced investigative journalism is here to stay and pizzagate is just the latest example of it.

We are in a new era now due to new ways of communicating and also due to abject multiple failures of MSM to do real journalism and refrain from obvious and overwhelming bias.

The pizzagate investigation has moved to Voat, a smaller site similar to reddit. You can read more about it there.

Here is a video that provides an overview if you are unfamiliar with the issue.

Underlying all of this is the claim that our world is governed by people who use sexual predation and Satanism as initiation rites into their group. Once filmed, these acts provide blackmail that prevents members from breaking ranks. More information on this can be found here.

Edit 11/25: Here is another good summary