Thoughtful piece on what may be coming to DC & USA

I like this kind of thinking; best we can do when facing a future even more uncertain than usual. All rational thought about large subjects is speculative, centered around important possibilities and their probabilities of happening. Clearly, there are many unknowns before us today, including prohibitions against saying what some of them are.

The link below will take you to the right page but you have to scroll down a bit to find the entry for today 01/21/2021. There is more and it is worth reading.

Biden was sworn in. I am surprised it has gone this far, given Biden now has an incredible capability to sell everything to China and damage America for more Renminbi to Hunter. I find it hard to believe a plan could not be conceived that did not require this risk.

But there are still unusual data-points, pointing away from a normal transition of power. 25,000 troops are still in a DC ringed in concertina wire and seven foot tall non-scalable fencing, and they never had to be there in the first place. There was never even supposed to be a crowd of democrat civilians to attend the inauguration. That does not point to normalcy. I have checked FlightAware, and see no signs of planes to take them home approaching DC, nobody is talking about them leaving, and one anon said their orders were to be there for one month. I do find it interesting they have set up checkpoints, and are checking IDs of people leaving, as if they were making sure that during this period, no classified data could be smuggled out by dirty actors.

The interesting aspect of it all is the troops were deployed on President Trump’s watch, and are being kept on under Biden. Possible explanations I see are Biden and Trump agree on something and are working together (highly unlikely, although not impossible if Biden’s blackmail was used by some intelligence/NatSec group to get him to acquiesce to something), or Biden lacks the power to send them home, or possibly the military/NatSec apparatus has been calling the shots all along (and still is) and they called it out and are keeping it. I do not see how Biden can’t immediately send them home, to show himself “restoring normalcy,” but it would appear he cannot or will not.

What the 26,000 Guardsmen are doing, or why 2,000 have been sworn in as Marshals, is also still a mystery, but it does not point to the same old, same old. In addition, Durham is still out there as a Special Prosecutor beyond Biden’s reach, his mandate was expanded to election fraud prior to the most fraudulent election in history, there are a raft of over 200,000 sealed indictments at last count, as shown below election audits are continuing, and there is still an election fraud case about to go before the Supreme Court. It would feel strange even if a Chinese asset, owned by Beijing through both bribes and blackmail did not just waltz into our Presidency under the nose of our National Security machinery. Probabilities have shifted, and it is now anybody’s guess which equally unlikely prediction will prove to be correct.

Anonymous Conservative: News Briefs – 01/21/2021

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