Biggest cyber crime in world history?

Mike Lindell’s new video is here. He has a world renown physicist/mathematician, who pulled all the data on total population from the census, voter registration, and votes cast, county by county, and graphed it all vs age in every county. First he shows voter registration and turnout was ridiculously high. Then he shows every dip on each graph matches perfectly, which implies rather than different groups having different turnouts randomly, as should be expected (did 90 year olds vote at the same percentage as 18 year olds, or 30 year olds?), somebody took total population at each age, and said registered voters would be one percentage at each age, and votes cast would be another percentage at each age, so every dip on each graph lines up perfectly. He then explains as a result, in every county, the percentage of 70 year olds, for example, was always the exact same percentage number in every county, and that was true for every age group in every single county, which could only happen if a computer churned out the numbers artificially according to a simple instruction. He then shows he can predict every county’s registered voters, and actual votes cast in each age group, in Ohio perfectly, using a specific mathematical formula (a sixth order polynomial algorythm), which assigns the percentages to each age group. So one equation, and it allows him to predict the registered voters, and the votes cast in every age group in every county, just by plugging the numbers in. So there was no randomness like you would expect naturally – it was all precalculated by computer. This implies, they may not have even begun with the votes cast, and swapped votes randomly as they went to alter the outcome. Rather, they sat down before the election and used a prediction of turnout and results by polling, and a mathematic equation, programmed into a computer which took the results as they happened and changed them. It simply produced the results we were to be given, which had been set by the elites before the election even began. The vote-swapping was the computers trying to adjust the live turnout to massage it into the precalculated results, as we watched.  Even crazier, is this would mean even down ticket races would have been affected by this, from House, to Governor, to state representative. So it is possible before the election, every single election outcome was pre-determined, and election night was about taking the live vote, as it happened, and having computers re-hash it piece by piece, minute by minute, into the final tally, which was set before the vote. But Trump got so many more votes than they predicted, the computer could not change the vote with the pre-set “adjustment equation,” which was only designed to flip an election where Trump won fewer votes. So they had to stop everything for three hours, and reset how Trump’s numbers would be massaged, to make him lose. Which is why Biden had to get more votes than any candidate in history by a massive margin, despite the fact nobody liked him, he never campaigned, and when he did nobody showed up. It is pretty shocking to see every graph line up perfectly, with no randomness to anything. It means as bad as we thought it was, it was even worse. Every election was likely rigged to install their asset.

link to original

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