Why USA is in decline and what we probably won’t do about it though maybe we will

Yet another very good essay from the Unz Review, where you will expose your tender eyes to ideas that shock the mainstream. A major reason Unz is good in the way that it is (variety, depth, boldness, truth, along with bs) is it fosters and encourages free speech. Essayists and commenters really can say what they want and that provides it with some of the best essays and hands-down the best comment section on the internet that I know of. As of 7 AM today, the comment section for this article is as good and thought provoking as the article itself.

Here are few numbers, we’ll start with two: 447 million and 4.67 billion. These two numbers speak volumes, and are in the foundation of the America’s decline and increasingly irrational behavior which may, quoting Bachman Turner Overdrive’s famous hit, get us to the point of a proverbial ain’t seen nothing yet. The first number is a population of European Union, while the second one is a population of Asia. Asia’s population constitutes around 60% of all the world’s population. Second place in this count is taken by Africa, around 1.37 billion, and the third–by Latin America and Caribbean with respectable 659 million which is considerably larger still than the population of the European Union. The Northern America’s population is around 371 million, which in the larger scheme of things doesn’t look that impressive. In fact, it isn’t.

The Dictatorship of Numbers

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