Patrick Byrne: “We have them dead to rights. I promise you.”

We have them dead to rights. I promise you. There’s some data I would put up right now with the backstory that would solve this. However, we have been convinced that the right way is to go the legal route. But you will start seeing that down a leak in the cases immediately. Look into a filing in Michigan. Look into what Mike Lindell is filing, I hope by the end of the week. The data that is in there and the chain of evidence is conclusive. “Dispositive“? Anyway, it may take four or five weeks to get it all into the world, but the counter offensive has launched.

So just keep it together another week, and you will start to see the hard evidence. And I will be able to explain the next Chapter of the tale with the same honesty I did in, “The Deep Rig”.

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