Arizona Dems file lawsuit to prevent audit

Arizona Democrat Party files suit to stop the audit of 2.1 million ballots in Maricopa County. Mike Lindell was talking about all the leftist media crying about election integrity two years ago, with the HBO documentary Kill Chain, and the CNN report he featured clips from. I was thinking, the left did all those documentaries because the 2020 election was supposed to be a battle of voter fraud, between them, and Trump’s side in Military intel. If they won, they would have let it be, like now, and covered it up. But if they didn’t their plan was to expose the voter fraud in blatant fashion, and tie it around the GOP’s neck, and Trump’s neck. Hence crowing about fraud up until the election. Exposing fraud and Impeaching was the backup plan. They never thought Trump would get as many votes as he did, and that his side would allow them to steal it freely, and generate so much fraud even their media couldn’t hide it.

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