Geert Vanden Bossche makes the important point that covid variants could very well be arising due to vaccines being given during the pandemic

This makes sense both evolutionarily and in what we are seeing on the ground. I posted this whole interview some days ago but am reposting this segment because events in India seem to be further confirming what Bossche is saying.

On a more sinister note, it might be added that if covid was released as a bioweapon, then whoever released it would probably release the kinds of variants we are seeing. This problem is so complex and serious, in an odd way it is also fascinating. If Bossche is right then we are living through the most deadly health policy in world history. At the same time, we can be all but certain that covid is a laboratory gain of function creation; made as an experiment or as a weapon, with scores of inferences arising from either assumption.

The following video provides a more detailed explanation of Vanden Bossche’s main points: Summary, key lessons and conclusions. Well-worth viewing.

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