Lockdowns caused 282 times years of life lost: Canadian economics professor

Lockdowns are conferring little benefit, but causing colossal damage, an economics professor has concluded, using a cost benefit analysis to calculate that strict Covid restrictions caused 282 times the loss of years of life that it saved. 

…He was highly critical of the one sided narrative and information suppression of the main stream media, big tech, and the political establishment.

“The ubiquitous media, public health, and political response to the pandemic has been one-sided, incomplete, and almost unchanging over the past year, said Prof. Allen.

“With respect to lockdown policies, many political jurisdictions have repeated the same spring 2020 programs in 2021, ignoring what has been learned in the meantime. Often public announcements were made that were inconsistent with basic Covid-19 facts that were easy to look up if you know where to look. Furthermore, when research results contrary to the official government response were shared on social media, they were often pulled from social media platforms.”

Decision to lockdown caused 282 times the loss of years of life says Economics professor

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