Couldn’t be any clearer…

Voice of the people today:

Couldn’t be any clearer. Dozens of studies showing the efficacy of Ivermectin and HCQ in preventing and curing Covid have been in the possession of the FDA for MONTHS. This is much longer than it took them to approve, for Emergency Use, a questionable vaccine with hardly any trials. The FDA is by law not able to issue an EUA for a vaccine if there exists an effective treatment. So right now the FDA is guilty of hiding these treatments which would immediately stop all vaccine injuries, stop almost all deaths from Covid and put to rest all this vaccine passport nonsense. What is being done about this? Why hasn’t Congress called the head of the FDA in front of them and inquired about why they are slow walking these treatments through the approval process? This shows the level of coordination and corruption between these agencies and the politicians tasked with oversight. It is inexcusable and likely criminal.


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