“All your children are belong to us”

I’m not 100% sure whether this is unbridled arrogance or just jaw-dropping tone-deafness, but this is absurd.  These are toxic sociopaths operating on a level of totalitarian outlook that is alarming as heck.

The American Federation of Teachers (AFT), a national union led by hard-line leftist Randi Weingarten, has announced adding $2.5 million to a legal fund specifically intended to fight parents for control over education curriculum.

Apparently the AFT feels they should be permitted to determine the curriculum of what they teach.  Parents do not get a say in what is taught to their children; this is a remarkable admission of indoctrination.  The arrogance of this is really quite remarkable and highlights just how out-of-touch with teaching the education system has become.

National Teachers Union Puts Additional $2.5 Million in Legal Fund to Fight Parents for Control of Education Curriculum

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