Questions about conservative influencers

Rising Republican party influencers got their start at a talent agency run by an Israeli pornographer. Candace Owens, Tomi Lahren, etc. Melisa Cantrone, who was claiming she witnessed election fraud with Rudy is one of them too, so I hope he is aware she might be an actress hired by somebody. Lauren Boebert appears to have a giant back tattoo running from her ass, all the way up her Obliques. So far, I’ve liked her public personae, but that has to be one crazy-ass chick, and she may sadly be owned by somebody, and the whole Shooters Grill and national recognition with news coverage was engineered. Disappointing. I always wondered, she seemed like she was on our side, but how did she get prime placement in the Fake News for a pro-gun restaurant story, unless she was Cabal. So she might betray us, or even the God Emperor at some point if the order comes down. I have no idea what is up with this, but one scenario that should be obvious is desperate girl willing to turn to porn for money does an “audition tape” and then is offered a higher paying job as a conservative influencer which doesn’t require having public sex regularly. She might even have been issued an earpiece too, or even given orders to try and throw herself at Trump to generate a scandal. Once they are owned, you never know. This will be a huge story, and feels kind of like it might be part of the plan exposing how everything is controlled with actors. You see how fake all of this is. This is why they can’t have people who are honest with you get anywhere near that world. If they see this, they will talk to you about it, and word will spread. So anyone honest has to be suppressed and kept from acquiring an audience.


Take everything with a grain of salt, including this. Knowing how easy it is to slur somebody (Donald Trump) or protect somebody (Hunter Biden and dad), we can never be sure of anything in current USA. Sex slurs are among the simplest to do because it’s so easy to find or create compromising material. If someone is on our side, support enthusiastically but unemotionally, always ready to discover they were a plant, a traitor (Pence, Barr). Information war, unrestricted warfare is all about confusing the enemy, who often is you. ABN

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