Archdiocese of LA nixes religious exemption for vax

The Archdiocese of Los Angeles has said it is not providing religious exemption letters to individuals who object to receiving a vaccination against the coronavirus. If all this stuff wasn’t controlled by the same command structure, some power structure somewhere would have our back, even if just by chance. This is what you see when a coordinated intelligence operation spends decades identifying positions of power and influence and targeting them for control.


We are seeing the same phenomenon in the medical profession where the vast majority of doctors and nurses are going along with pseudoscience dictates from agencies, governors, medical boards, and hospitals to not allow effective therapeutics for early covid or even when people have gone to the hospital. I do understand that doctors risk losing their licenses, but is there really no way they can speak up? Weakness and fear from all our important institutions while Fauci strides forward, always wrong, never questioned. He is a psyop media cartoon playing grampa to the gullible. ABN

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