Milley & Levine went to HS together; why elites conform

It is a small world up there, and they don’t necessarily tell you that – ‘White Rage’ General Mark Milley and transgender Health Secretary Rachel Levine played football together in high school. It was actually a small elite private school which costs $55-60K per year, and has tons of notable students, from screenwriter David Kelley (Michele Pfeiffer’s husband), to Mitt Romney’s brother, to a President of Yale, to a President of the New England Patriots, to a Boston Globe editor, to Deepak Chopra’s kid. I could see surveillance liking that it could get all these kids in one spot to watch them, and parents putting their kids in these schools as much to give them to surveillance and let surveillance watch them to get control, so they could one day be promoted, as to help them make connections and get educated.

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