CDC calls people ‘unvaxed’ until 14 days after 2nd vax. This means hospitalizations from ALL 1st vax adverse events & day 1-14 post 2nd vax into ‘unvaxed’ category. This equals 4,186,000 vax injury hospitalizations being called unvaxed over past 9 months.

That’s a lot of beds!

The 4 M # above is a rough estimate, but close. Here’s my math. Post vax Hospitalizations =55,821. VAERS has 1% reporting rate =5,582,100. 1/2 of hospitalizations after 1st vax (I know it’s less), but more than 50% of injuries <14 days 2nd vax = about 0.75x 5,582,100= 4,186,000

Originally tweeted by Dr. John Wallman (@DoctorWallman) on September 2, 2021.

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