Estimating Vaccine-Induced Mortality: Polling Consistent With Massive Death Tolls

Ultimately, under the assumption that there are 664,000 official COVID-19 deaths and essentially all excess deaths associated with COVID-19 vaccines were so categorized, then I compute the number of excess deaths associated with COVID-19 vaccines to be in the ballpark of

Note that this number is greater than the remaining number of COVID-19 deaths since vaccination began (by around 5,700).


Be sure to read Probable Misclassification of Vaccine Deaths as COVID-19 Deaths for background on how covid deaths are categorized and the above figures were arrived at. My guess is FDA decisions to approve the vaccines are made in committee meetings where members listen to oral arguments or just talk and then vote on decisions already made. The atmosphere is probably staid bureaucratic mixed with Big Pharma and MSM assumptions. It’s an instance of micro group-think reflecting mainstream group-think, and a tragic example of how this kind of governance is failing across many agencies.

If the above figures are even half-right they show that mortality rates for vaccinated-who-get-covid look a little bit good only because the vaccine itself has already killed off the most vulnerable of that cohort. ABN

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