Australia proves why socialized medicine is so dangerous

Australia didn’t slowly turn into a totalitarian nation.  It became one overnight, thanks to the people’s willingness to accept their governments’ hysterical reaction to COVID.  We’ve all watched in horror as a once free country now confines people to their homes, forces injections on their children, turns unmasked people into “most wanted” outlaws, shoots dogs, and prepares to track people’s every movement with apps backed by police power.  The latest craziness in Victoria is to deny health care to people who resist getting the vaccination.


In USA we are suffering from centralized, authoritarian health care whose dictates are enforced by the carrot of federal grants and stick of legal liability, also controlled by the federal govt. Moreover, our health agencies are fully captured by the companies whose products they are supposed to regulate. Even worse, this situation is all but unfixable because Congress is also captured as is the Executive branch and court system. The situation is so bad that health authorities have openly banned good treatments for covid and required bad ones while virtually no one anywhere in Congress or govt has said a single word about it. A couple of states are showing independence, but that’s it for anything approaching govt of the people, for the people. ABN

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