Reasons the vax mandate may be a good thing

1) Supreme Court: This will get the government mandates (all of them) to SCOTUS, The “mandate” is unconstitutional in that it infringes on both individual liberties and usurps States rights.

2) If this won’t wake people up, nothing will.

3) Big Business will be on the front lines in this fight, no matter which side they take.

4) This forces would-be tyrants to out themselves.

5) This will show the TRUE number of vaccinated in the country and I believe it is a whole lot less then the “official” number they’re claiming.

6) This could actually SOLVE labor shortages for small businesses that are not following the mandate.

7) Unions representing big parts of the federal gov workforce are already preparing lawsuits to fight this, including those that represent federal law enforcement officers. Fed. LEO are now aligning with personal freedom where they SHOULD have been all along.

8) If mandate is ruled unconstitutional by SCOTUS, that should give a path for military members to fight this as well.

Edit: Thought of another one.

9) FDA and CDC will now be mandated to take their own poison – many of them (50% unvaxxed as of a month or so ago). Maybe some whistle-blowers will emerge now that the vax is mandated for them too.
So, in summary: Big Business will be fighting this, Unions will be fighting this, States will be fighting this, and most importantly civil liberties groups should be fighting this on behalf of individuals. HOLD THE LINE PATRIOTS!!!


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