Grenade-dropping drones, a paranoid president, guards who ran: Latest on Haiti assassination

Two of his own guards were informants. The alleged killers, several now in custody, knew his every move. One alleged mastermind even secured an apartment nearby — purportedly watching his estate for 10 months before running reconnaissance patrols with Colombian hit men shortly before the middle-of-the-night ambush.

The Colombian teams, accompanied by Haitian police officers, swarmed the Haitian presidential compound above the hills in Port-au-Prince with military precision. Each team leader is described by police as carrying a Samsung Galaxy smartphone — to photograph the president’s corpse and assure the masterminds of his death.


Filed under KOBK. Note: President Jovenel Moïse was not paranoid. He understood the KOBK game he was playing and was not careful enough. ABN

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