Actual rate <1%

Ironically, this graph showing wild overestimation of COVID hospitalization risk demonstrates a modicum of common sense

I suspect the thinking is: given the degree to which we have utterly destroyed society & sacrificed children, surely the hospitalization rate is 50% & not <1%?

But in our poorly educated, attention-deficit-driven society, riddled with smartphone addiction & social media that rewards sensationalism & degrades deliberation/nuance, people are just too lazy to dig into data & instead rely on social proof for their views and actions.

I recall watching as China &-shockingly-Italy locked down thinking “wow, I’m so glad I live in a country where that could never happen”

And then it did. This led to mass panic &-despite the virus having been spreading in US since at least Sept 19-the mortality curves skyrocketed

Originally tweeted by Brumby (@the_brumby) on October 1, 2021.

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