Gordon Chang on China, Taiwan, and USA

China has sent a record number of fighter jets into Taiwan’s airspace in an apparent act of aggression to assert control over the island nation. Author @GordonGChang joins to talk about how he thinks the situation could escalate and how the international community should respond.

Originally tweeted by EWTN News Nightly (@EWTNNewsNightly) on October 6, 2021.

If we keep in mind that the ultimate game-theory at play is KOBK (Kill-or-be-Killed) and that USA has been taken over by a globalist cabal, it is doubtful USA will protect Taiwan. Stated as a question: How would protecting Taiwan from CCP help the globalist cabal? Taiwan itself is a bit player. Taiwan as a defense against CCP controlling the South China Sea is something but is that enough? Risking WW3 over the South China Sea? Wouldn’t the global cabal’s interests be better served by allowing CCP to seize Taiwan? If they did, CCP would still have to cooperate with other nations shipping interests. If cabal and CCP are already joined at the hip, a quick invasion and takeover of Taiwan can be expected. Pretty much the same if they are only partly joined. CCP and cabal seem to have cooperated in most if not all covid matters. That area is as murky as cabal, CCP, and anything either one does alone or together. Being murky does not mean we cannot see anything. I do not see either party gaining as much by leaving Taiwan alone as by allowing China to take it over. ABN

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