Pharmacists illegally practicing medicine, better stop now before it’s too late

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I dealt with three pharmacists who refused to fill covid prescriptions from MDs. It’s an unpleasant experience because it’s irrational and illegal but they try to justify it anyway. One was very polite and said she agreed with me but nothing she could do because her governing board had ruled “from the top.” A second one said similar and was also polite but as I spoke with him it became apparent he knew almost nothing about covid or available therapeutics. The third was a little bitch dictator who delighted in being snide as well as stupid. I can understand the positions pharmacists, nurses, and doctors have been put in. But can’t you guys get together more, exert more pressure on the people controlling you? I hope this pandemic has taught medical (and all other) workers that a robust and active grapevine can serve as a strong counterweight to unreasonable demands from the top. ABN

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