Police launch criminal investigation into Arizona school board president’s secret dossier on parents who opposed CRT and mask mandates

Police in Scottsdale have launched a probe into school board president  

Moms were targeted in a secret dossier of parents who opposed district policy 

School Board President Jann-Michael Greenburg had access to the dossier 

District blames his father for compiling the sprawling file on parents 

Contents included Social Security numbers, financial info and divorce records

District has also opened its own investigation into the scandal 


Good people of Scottsdale, these investigations are almost certainly going to be fake, compromised, subverted, or so weak and naive nothing will be found and everything will be covered up. I strongly doubt that Police Chief Walther will understand the seriousness, breadth, or national importance of the local cell that has been exposed. He will fall under great pressure to not see evidence that should be pursued, evidence that will lead beyond Scottsdale. He may already be compromised. The promise of the school district to hire “an independent investigator” similarly will almost certainly yield nothing of importance. Both “investigations” will serve to waste time, allowing most people to forget. You will be thrown a few bones and it might feel OK, but the infiltration and subversion of your school system will continue. I hope one of the mom’s copied the drive in question and has either secured that copy and/or distributed it to others. Your best course of action would be to hire your own independent investigator, one thoroughly vetted to have no possible ties to the people involved and knowledgeable about the much larger network to which this incident surely belongs. The video in the parking lot is very telling. Notice how casual and familiar they are with the machinations of Greenburg’s father, who owns the drive. With a little research and brainpower, it should not be too hard to figure out how the people involved are related to each other and to other groups in Scottsdale and beyond. What you have discovered is a particular instance of a widespread network that has worked its way into almost every American institution there is. Incidentally, this is not about CRT. It’s about controlling your children and through them America. ABN

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