Portland police tells woke city’s crime victims they’re on their own: Residents warned of delayed responses to all but the most serious 911 calls due to spiraling crime and staff shortages amid record-breaking murder rate

Portland residents faced longer wait times for 911 calls that didn’t concern imminent threats to life or property on Monday 

The Portland PD attributed the delays to ‘critical’ staffing shortages ‘due to budget cuts… and the backlog of needed training for new officers’

On Friday, the city hit the grim milestone of 80 murders this year, surpassing the its all-time high of 67 killings attained for the entire year of 1987 

Last year, the department lost 84 officers, who retired or quit, when the Portland City Council cut their budget by $15 million


Yet another reason for 2a. The pandemic, which follows on Trump hate and is a continuation of that, has shown us with great clarity that governance in USA from local to national is mostly shit. Woke city councils, Soros DAs, feckless school boards, absolutely horrible federal health officials, Resident Obiden who is a puppet following a stolen election… you name it, “We’re on the eve of destruction.” ABN

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