Dr Sara Cody is mandating that pretty much everyone involved in healthcare in Santa Clara County get boosted without citing a single study showing the long-term impact of her mandate. All the studies I’ve seen all show the opposite. WHERE’S THE SCIENCE SARA?

Sara Cody - Wikipedia
Sara Cody

My phone has been lighting up recently. People in healthcare are livid about the latest mandate from Sara Cody, the public health officer of Santa Clara County where I live that goes into effect just 4 days from now.

Her mandate to them is simple: get boosted or you’re fired. While her mandate only applies for “Higher-Risk Settings” this designation applies to just about every role that comes into contact with patients according to doctors I’ve spoken with.

Here are the documents that are of interest:


Some people take longer than others. Poor Sara, such a kindly face, seems to epitomize a baleful mix of white weakness and meanness, innocence and stupid righteousness. As of today, it looks like the US disastrous covid response is all over but the lawsuits and crying. In the West generally, failed draconian policies are being upheld most strongly only in Austria and Australia. Desmet’s Mass Formation Psychosis appears to be crumbling, probably because many of us followed his advice to keep talking. But also because the case for covidiocy has never been scientifically strong. As of today, it is all but certain that Omicron was produced in a lab, possibly by the same actors that produced the Wuhan strain. It’s likely they made Omicron in case the pandemic got off the rails, which it has. Another possibility is good guys somewhere made Omicron and released it to end the pandemic and/or to prevent the West from turning into a totalitarian nightmare. In my mind, one of the biggest questions now is who released Omicron? ABN

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