Researchers say Earth’s core may be cooling ‘more rapidly than expected’

Researchers are warning that the Earth‘s core may be cooling “more rapidly than expected,” which could speed up the timeline for when the planet becomes uninhabitable for humans.

In a paper published in the journal Earth and Planetary Science Letters, a group of researchers reported that the Earth’s mantle is “much more efficiently cooled, which would ultimately weaken many tectonic activities driven by the mantle convection more rapidly than expected from conventionally believed thermal conduction behavior.”

…The researchers examined bridgmanite, a conductive mineral that can be located between the core and the mantle of Earth, according to NBC News. The team wrote in the paper that the mineral is 1.5 times more conductive than it was thought to be, which suggests the planet may be cooling at a quicker rate than previously believed.


This, then, must affect the rate at which the oceans especially are heating since the heat has to go somewhere. ABN

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