Trump ‘TRUTH Social’ to use content moderation to ensure ‘family-friendly’

…”This is not political,” he said. “These are not things that are left or right or have any political baggage,” Guo said. “When you think about these bigger companies, what they have put in place around things like misinformation, what they deem that to be, for instance, that’s their prerogative.” 

He added: “Our moderation is based on these core concepts that, we think, are universal.” 

Guo said TRUTH Social’s moderation approach is centered around Hive’s core concepts, and said they want to “make sure” they can “identify this type of content and proactively prevent it from reaching their users.”

“They are not doing things like trying to censor any political talk—we don’t have models for that or models for misinformation,” he said. “We focus on a problem that is more objective.”

Nunes doubled down on that point, reminding that TRUTH Social will be “open for all ideas, all political debate from the left to the right.”

“We’re not going to censor anybody because they have a different opinion about, for example, a COVID vaccine,” Nunes said. “That is what the open internet is all about—it should be for the free flow of debate and ideas all over the globe, so that people can learn from one another and debate with one another.”


This is the hard part for Truth Social: 1) you absolutely do have to moderate user input or you will be inundated with garbage; 2) the devil’s in the details. I wish them the best. We need social media with a much broader social and political content policy. Let’s see what happens. ABN

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