Here’s an easy summary and time points of Ron Johnson’s covid doctor panel for those that missed or don’t have time to listen all the way through 5 hours

[Everything below comes from this link. Video link at bottom. ABN]

The first hour were doctor introductions and statements.

The questions start around 2:22 into the forum.

2:22-2:50 robust immunity gives full protection; no need for jab and will make worse, so why the mandate; 70% have had covid so if this number is revealed, it would show the failure of all the the policies and procedures implemented to stop it; the jabbed carry a high dose of covid because the jab doesn’t neutralize covid entering the body like natural immunity does

3:00-3:10 masks debunked

3:11-3:15 doctors and pharmacists across the US cannot prescribe nor can pharmacists fill ivermectin or HCQ

3:28 chart on stats on safety of HCQ and I verses Remdesiver

3:37 there should never be govt agencies overseeing the safety of treatment programs; if independent safety boards had been involved as they should have, the emergence of unexplained deaths and high mortality rates would have shut the jab program down immediately

3:51 natural immunity has been ignored and denied and it’s harmful to 16 million children this is being forced on

3:52 Dr. Kory asks why are they doing all these things against what is known proof to patients? Plain and simple … corruption.

4:03 discussion about the risk of each additional shot given to jabbed; vax enhanced diseases

4:24 hospitals have become dangerous places for sick people

4:36 medicare payments to hospitals correlated to the treatment given; Remdesiver fraudulently approved but became the only protocol this way

4:40 nurse at Houston Methodist shares story; doctors threatened if giving medical exemptions or VAERS; higher-ups erased the records

4:52 spike protein discussion and DOD data base whistle-blowers

4:58 cancers in remission for years are now active again after getting jabbed

5:05 discussion on how the jab does interact with your DNA; myocarditis discussion

5:20 discussion on reproductive organs affected by jab

5:24 nurse testimony

I hope this helped and maybe a sticky will get it seen by more who will go listen. I can’t over emphasize how important this panel was.

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