Who in their right mind trusts the WHO, which is now seeking to impose a global digital vaccine passport?

BUILDING A ‘TRUST FRAMEWORK’ — The World Health Organization will convene member states and leaders of Covid-19 immunization credential technology groups to recognize different vaccine certificates across nations and regions, a top Vaccination Credential Initiative official told POLITICO’s Ben Leonard.

TheWHO is bringing together the groups to develop a “trust framework” that would allow countries to verify whether vaccine credentials are legitimate, said Brian Anderson, chief digital health physician at MITRE and a co-founder of the VCI.


Globopinko is not giving up. It wants a digital ID linked to ALL OF YOUR INFORMATION so you can be IDed, located, and analyzed by cops, banks, and governments worldwide, wherever you are. Even your health data and genetic makeup will be included. This is a multi-pronged assault on everyone in the world to surrender privacy, freedom, and bodily autonomy to invisible functionaries operating powerful algorithms in places unknown. We will have no control over those functionaries or the people who control them. This is a nightmare and it is already very close to becoming our all-encompassing reality. ABN

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