The American medical community has been defamed, demeaned, debased, and rubbed in the shit and vomit of dead and dying patients

I make no judgement of individuals but conclude that the American health industry has taken on a colossal moral burden due to covid malpractice. The death and injury toll is higher than most wars while the strain of fighting against it would have been much less than any war.

Some few did fight but most did not.

I honestly pity health care workers who were trapped anywhere on the disassembly line of suffering and death that was covid banned treatments and forced maltreatments. I honestly feel great pity and sadness for the families and friends of these people. In America alone the number of people closely implicated in the moral travesty of our covid response must number several million actual health care workers and many millions more of their dependents, neighbors, friends.

From a Buddhist point of view, the karma generated is deep and foul. I make no judgement of individuals. From a Christian point of view, the sins of commission and omission are enormous. From an atheist or scientific point of view, the conscience burns at the travesty.

It is difficult to say this without appearing to cast blame. I am not blaming anyone. Each one of us must assess our own thoughts and actions. What can be said is our medical system has been proven to be a grotesque moral failure, an abomination of medical science. Medical licensing, hospital funding, and government bureaucracies all play a large role.

For individuals, a clear assessment of own responsibility is imperative. Then according to beliefs, conscious action must follow. ABN

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