Diesel Fuel Shortage Sets Stage for Next Biden Created Crisis

It has often been said that if you chase the global climate change ideology to its natural conclusion, we end up in communal groups sitting around a tepid campfire eating some form of sustainable algae cakes and picking parasites off each other…  Prior to Joe Biden that prediction might have seemed like hyperbole. Now, not so much.

Indeed, the Green New Deal energy policy of Joe Biden creates massive downstream consequences.  Unfortunately, the White House doesn’t seem to care. The high prices and scarcity of critical goods are a feature, not a flaw, as they chase their climate friendly Build Back Better agenda.


Why is everything going wrong? Going against a healthy USA? The most likely conclusion is that is the plan. When you add up the main series of events in the past two plus years, the pattern is chilling. First, a bioweapon attack. Second, a deadly US response including lockdowns, banned treatments, vaccine mandates. Third, election is stolen and Biden takes office. Fourth, following immediately after a lull in covid, war in Ukraine coupled with hyperinflation. Fifth, continuous bad news such as linked above. Sixth and coming up, ADE-enhanced super-covid, a hot war with Russia and maybe China. Massive chaos that will fully subjugate an already greatly weakened America. Europe will be much the same. The goal is world domination by taking out the West first. Take the top dog down first. Then Russia and China. Does cabal have a super weapon to ensure success? They must have.

The only other explanation is super-corruption plus a super-abundance of clowns. ABN

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