Ukraine, Russia and Poland w/Gonzalo Lira

I am a fan of The Duran and their guests, Lira, Barnes, Luongo, and more. But, hate to say it, they are a limited hangout. Maybe it’s YT, but even on Odysee they ply the same explanation for almost everything of serious consequence—incompetence. There’s more to the story than that. Have we all gotten so used to the softcore censorship of FB and Twatter that we actually believe these are no puppet masters behind their deliberately incompetent puppets? Biden being senile, crooked, and stupid all at the same time makes for the perfect fall guy. If he is removed, voila, Harris has the same skill set. There is a much bigger story than incompetence. It is infiltration and asymmetric warfare that began in earnest in the West after WW2, with deep roots going back much further. ABN

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