Todd Callender – Medical martial law looming worldwide

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In some ways this worldwide takeover can be likened to historical communist takeovers. A large, and hopeful, difference is communist revolutions typically were supported, even if weakly, by large segments of the population. Only after power was consolidated in the hands of a few did the terror begin. In our situation today, it does not seem that large portions of even the deluded West are supporting takeover by a global government. They are rather just going along with health dictates that they erroneously assume are well-meaning. Thus, global government or autocracy at the state level is not something most people want or expect to see. Communism has always offered a pie-in-the-sky that people wanted to some extent. Fear-based viral pandemics, food shortages, or climate change do not offer anything like that. They are drab and boring from the outset. ABN

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