Mattias Desmet: The Attempt to Burn Me at the Stake

In recent weeks, an offensive has been launched against me in the Flemish media. I’ve been accused of being a liar, a far-right extremista conspiracy theorist, controlled opposition, and of indoctrinating my students. I’ve quietly listened to every voice that felt called to make itself heard. And I have the impression that everyone who had something to say has now done so.

Now I’m going to say a word for myself.

I think I have some right to respond to a story about myself. Members of the media apparently disagree. As eagerly as they speak of me, they have obstinately refused to speak to me. But isn’t it a fundamental precept of humanity—that everyone has the right to tell their side of the story?

Granted, the media has had a certain inhibition about me for some time. For example, there was an uncomfortable silence in the press when my book The Psychology of Totalitarianism was translated into ten languages ​​earlier this year and sold tens of thousands of copies.

Why such silence? Perhaps for this reason: people might start to take seriously the idea that the corona crisis was primarily a psycho-social phenomenon that marked the transition to a technocratic system, a system in which the government would attempt to claim decision-making rights over its citizens and, step by step, take control of all private space.


Consider this in light of global game theory. Top players–USA, China, Russia, maybe India–do not know what their adversaries have or are capable of doing. Which of them will be first to make a quantum computer that can break all current digital passwords. Or which of them has some other weapon or means of global control. Since none of them–and there could be other top players–knows what their adversaries have or are capable of, all of them are forced to engage in some form of unrestricted warfare. You could say there is nothing new in that, all of history has had that condition and that would be true enough, but the speed of technological change today makes it different. Today, it is a much more dangerous game with stakes higher than they have ever been before. The heart of this KOBK geopolitical game is zero-sum, unrestricted war in the face of profound and dire uncertainty. This the deep reason almost anyone with a significant voice is silenced or behaves with apparent (or real) confusion and ignorance. Desmet, and those of us who have listened to him, knows something very dangerous is looming. Consider what he says in light of the conditions facing the top global players. It seems clear to me that there is no escape for them from this game. Top players cannot form trusted alliances with each other because they cannot have anything even approaching perfect knowledge of their partners. Therefore, all of them are forced into a melee of unrestricted war. Including unrestricted warfare against their own citizens. That is what is happening now and not something else. ABN

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