The Plan to Carve Up Russia

Last week, Angela Merkel confirmed what many analysts have been saying for years, that Washington’s hostile relations with Russia –which date back more than a century– have nothing to do with ideology, ‘bad behavior’ or alleged “unprovoked aggression”. Russia’s primary offense is that it occupies a strategic area of the world that contains vast natural resources and which is critical to Washington’s “pivot to Asia” plan. Russia’s real crime is that its mere existence poses a threat to the globalist project to spread US military bases across Central Asia, encircle China, and become the regional hegemon in the world’s most prosperous and populous region.

Merkel candidly admits that she participated in a 7 year-long fraud that was aimed at deceiving the Russian leadership into thinking that she genuinely wanted peace, but that proved not to be the case. In truth, the western powers deliberately sabotaged the treaty in order to buy-time to arm and train a Ukrainian army that would be used in a war against Russia.

source for text and map

This is also why American/NATO neocons and Ukraine’s non-Slavic oligarchs are content to dither and steal while Russian Slavs and Ukrainian Slavs kill each other in large numbers, and huge numbers of all Slavs flee Ukraine altogether. IMO, Ukrainian Slavs are desperately wrong to be consumed by policies that are killing them and what should be their closest allies. The same goes for Polish Slavs and Baltic Balts. This crisis is very much also of your own making because you failed to pursue a strategy of alliance with Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union. I know the pressures (and bribes) were enormous. But this way today lies the devil and nothing good will come of it. Your ‘savior’ the EU thinks no better of you than they do of Russia or Ukraine. They are a parasitic gang and you will be their next meal. ABN

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