Is the Spike Protein from the mRNA Vaccines Toxic to the Human Body?

With many people dying suddenly with no explanation, and all-cause mortality skyrocketing to unprecedented levels in many highly vaccinated countries, you may be asking yourself if the mRNA vaccines are the cause. You may know that the mRNA vaccines hijack our cells and convert them into Spike Protein synthesizing factories. Is the Spike protein toxic to the human body? What do we currently know?

The current mRNA vaccines contain mRNA (genetic information encoding the Spike Protein) encapsulated in a lipid nanoparticle shell. These nanoparticles are transported into your cells where they release their mRNA cargo.

The mRNA is then translated by your cell’s machinery to produce a great number of Spike proteins per cell transfected with the mRNA.

How long will your cells produce Spike protein? Well, the mRNA in the vaccines was stabilized by using an abnormal chemical for one of the nucleoside bases that make up mRNA; specifically N1-Methylpseudouridine. The mRNA was also optimized by choosing codons that increase translation to produce higher quantities of Spike protein. All of these unusual modifications to the mRNA cause the mRNA to last an indefinite period of time and produce an indefinite amount of Spike protein. Ample studies weren’t conducted before the launch of the vaccine to understand these kinetics.


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