🚨THREAD: AZ Cartel corruption and Public Officials. The case of John Thaler ~ by Tracy Beanz

It will be VERY important that you read this ENTIRE thread. Don’t grab a tweet, don’t make assumptions.

I have to make a few statements before I begin.

1. I don’t doubt for a SECOND that there is corruption between cartel’s in AZ and elected officials, judges, etc. This has been an ongoing thread in AZ for decades. So, this thread isn’t going to piece through the testimony and disprove each document one by one.

When I investigate something, I start at the BEGINNING.

2. I have not listened to a single interview given by John Thaler. Why? Because I don’t want bias introduced into my work. I am using documents and information filed by John Thaler, in 2020-2021. He references the court cases I am using for this thread here:…

[The following is Tracy’s conclusion: “The fact of the matter is, after spending hours reviewing all of this documentation— HIS RECORD – not the person he is suing, no one but him – I do not think he is a credible person.…” ABN]


3. What I am going to document are things that are enough to raise multiple red flags for me BEFORE I get started on piecing through the report that was released. Credibility is monumentally important. It is the cornerstone. That is what I am looking for when someone comes…


Ok, so you’ve alleged that the entire state of AZ, the judicial system, and multiple elected officials are involved in money laundering through drug cartels. Let’s take a look at your story from the beginning, and see what checks out.


With that being said, here is a breakdown of the case filed by Thaler, first in California, and then moved to AZ. This is the order moving the case for lack of jurisdiction where it was originally filed in CA:

This is the complaint in the new AZ case. I can’t share a link to the document itself yet, because no one had purchased it to populate Court Listener (until now). However, here is the docket to the case. There was a filing pre-populated https://www.courtlistener.com/docket/60199859/thaler-v-thaler/…


The case was filed against a myriad of Defendants, including Brittany Thaler (who was still married to John at the time of the filing,) her mother, her mothers significant other, several counties in AZ, and 150 “doe” defendants whom John Thaler couldn’t identify.

Without going through all 93 pages of the complaint, Thaler alleges numerous instances of fraud, through various means, from fraudulent bankruptcies, to laundering money through shell LLC’s, to bribing judges, police officers, State police officers, judicial assistants,…


I want to make clear that the election fraud claims here seem to be somewhat of an afterthought. After reading all of this, my opinion is that it seems election fraud was a hot button issue that would bring eyes to the rest of this, so it was included as well.

He alleges that his wife’s family has been involved in this activity since the 70’s.

He alleges he discovered his wife’s involvement in 2018/2019. He alleges that it was then that Brittany and her mom devised a scheme to extort him by taking his child from him if he kept digging on what he had found.

He alleged the custody battle Brittany Thaler brought forth was all using fake information, etc.

All of this could be true. This would be an absolutely horrific experience if it were.

He alleged here that all major parties involved in the custody case were bribed or paid off to do as Chavez said.

As I continued reading this I realized that Thayer alleges that nearly EVERYONE involved in any set of circumstances he has ever experienced is bribed or corrupt.…


Again, here is the election fraud piece. It’s the weakest of them all.

Thayer alleges that Brittany’s mother was nearly fatally injured in 1990. This caused her to lose her employment ability. He alleges that her husband (boyfriend? Not sure) was bi-polar and wouldn’t take his meds. Because of that he spent all of the family money. He alleges that…


He alleges that Brittany was engaged in criminal activity as a teen. He alleges that Brittany was a prostitute. He alleges that Brittany had HPV “cysts” removed.. Wait…

I scratched my head.

Make this make sense. First, I am not sure why it’s relevant, second, this paragraph…


Then I started thinking, John has said he was a successful attorney… Why would Brittany be so worried about poverty? It didn’t make sense, but these were just questions…

Each section of the allegations contains numerous details about how (and what) the crimes perpetrated were. I invite you to read all of them. They are very complicated, and all examples of how LEGITIMATE fraud takes place each and every day in some capacity. And that is what…


The election fraud section is two sentences. That’s it.

Here, Thaler alleges that Brittany murdered an ex-lover who allegedly stalked her after she left the partnership. He claims that there were audio recordings of Phillips (the boyfriend) threatening he would expose Brittany’s illegal activity if she didn’t stay with him. Thaler…


Next, Thaler states that forged, fraudulent judgement was entered against him in CA. He claims the judge in the case says there was no such judgement. This is what the motive and black mail is wrapped around regarding Brittany.

Here, Thaler states that his first wife, too, was…


So, in short, John Thaler PROTECTED his first wife who was engaged in criminal activity and also protected her family. John Thaler admits that in his own words.

That is concerning, to say the least.

Remember, these are HIS WORDS.

Additionally, he seems to know where a dead body is buried in the desert….

Here he gets into a dispute with his HOA and discovers MORE fraudulent documents, but doesn’t make an issue out of it at all. Fraudulent documents seem to follow him. He talks about them in almost every instance of adversarial contact he has- no matter how small.

It seems to an unbiased observer, that the “fake” judgement in CA was actually for unpaid HOA issues— that is if I am reading this correctly. This gets very complicated, but it is something that occurs over and over.

We may be dealing with one of the most persecuted people on…


But alas, the HOA is allegedly involved in laundering millions of dollars— it couldn’t just be that there was an issue between he and his HOA, because he discovered fraud under every rock. It keeps happening over and over, seemingly in EVERY facet of his life. It’s stunning.

I am sincerely trying to stay neutral, but by this point in the complaint, the red flags begin slowly raising themselves. My meter is dinging. This is an absolutely stunning tale.

Brittany allegedly devised a scheme to marry John, lead him to discover the criminal enterprise of her family, but only what SHE wanted him to discover, and then have him keep her safe from any culpability as he had already done with his first wife. Is everyone keeping score?

I want to remind everyone— all I am doing is recounting what JOHN THALER has filed as his complaint in federal court.

Here is the judgement again. Couple gets house built by builder— judgement in CA comes up from earlier in the thread. Thaler doesn’t pay the judgement. Thaler doesn’t try to figure out what the judgement is. Thaler isn’t worried about the nuisance judgement because it wont mess…


John Thaler had just married a mentally ill, bulimic drug addict who was also antisocial, but apparently didn’t mind too much at the time. This is the 3rd mental illness that crops up, but there will be another attributed to Brittany. I am going to touch on one more filing in a…


This filing continues this way for dozens of more pages. I will provide the document for you to read shortly. I want to show you a bit more first.

Remember, Brittany’s alleged scheme was to entrap Thaler with a fraudulent judgement, one even the judge would say was fraudulent.…


Here was their plan, that didn’t deter Thaler. When this didn’t work, they devised ANOTHER plan. Please read all of this – (mind you I am still searching for something tangible on election fraud, as alleged.)

And the new plan, involving the police now, because the other plans didn’t work.

I can barely keep up with all of this. I want to put this filing aside for a moment, and concentrate on another later filing and pull some information out of IT, because a sworn affidavit in the filing is from Jaqueline Breger, the woman who testified in front of the joint…


Brief pause to cook dinner for the family…. Digest this. It gets even crazier in “Part II”

I’m back (I am not cooking dinner. I can’t leave this. Hubby to the rescue!)

The complaint was getting monotonous, so lets focus on this. You can read it here:

This was what sealed the deal for me. Orders in his custody case? All of them are fake, forged orders. He alleges the judge allowed Brittany Thaler to write his orders for him, forge his signature, and file them.

This alone is a pretty massive allegation. But, when looking at…


This filing continues recounting a lot of what we have already read together here, and more, but several things stand out to me I want to share. Then, to finish, I am going to show you that the bankruptcy cases he alleges are fraudulent bankruptcies with forged signatures are…


I have a hard time believing any of this is true. It’s too much..

We have a problem. Thaler wrote in his complaint that Brittany had stopped taking her medication when they were married in Antigua, and had to fall back on drug use to medicate. He also never said she was a sociopath, but here comes the mental illness again. He also says he…


He also mentions that a doctor refused to treat Brittany unless SHE TOLD THALER HER REAL STORY.

Does this sound right to you??

He says here that the child reported back to him”erratic” behavior by his mother. I am wondering how such a young child would be able to do that, and the mother in me worries about this baby for so many reasons.

False arrest by Mesa officers, also on the take. Judges filing fake orders continues. He is in the hospital for court dates- often.

Jaqueline Breger. She was the witness who testified in front of the joint session.

Ok. She references a Forensic Document Expert who states that the judges signature was forged by Brittany Chavez…..

This same person does the signature analysis to conclude that Brittany potentially forged thousands of other documents with different names, etc. The judge wont…


Even though this suit alleges criminal activity – INCLUDING MURDER – Thaler tries (in vain) to SETTLE with her. Why would he want to do that? His motive is to expose Brittany to get his son back, but is willing to settle the case and not expose her for an undisclosed settlement,…


She is showing up at Brittany’s house to see and discuss visitation outside of normal visitation times, with gifts and without Thaler… That is odd and something that would make me think about calling the police as well.

She leaves before the police can get there, a frequent…


She alleges that the order of protection that Brittany got against Thaler is also fraudulent. Also alleged is that Brittany cloned Thaler’s cell phone, and sent text messages and made calls as John from the cloned phone to make it appear as though it was him making the calls and…


Here is how they arrive at the “cloned phone.” Notice she says “therefore it is OBVIOUS that Brittany cloned Mr. Thaler’s phone”

This is a statement that lacks zero factual basis. If they think THIS is “Obvious” what else are they leaping to?

Maybe he showed her the texts and…


Here is the kicker for me. Thaler has court dates. He misses so many of those court dates, for different reasons, sometimes he is in the hospital, sometimes he is in court, etc, that a judge issues WARRANTS for him.

What does he do?

HE FLEES THE STATE. He runs from the…


I haven’t investigated this claim yet, but she claims here that again, he misses court because he is in the hospital with “attacks.” He also allegedly underwent an Angioplasty, so he likely did have some heart issues, but this is a theme. Also, these two spend a lot of time…


Are Breger and Thaler in a romantic relationship? It would be very important to know that.

This is terrifying. If this is true, it’s criminal on a scale the likes of which we have never seen in the public eye. A judge *allowing* a litigant to forge orders and signatures and upload them to the docket— it’s…. It’s just unbelievable. It really is. Especially when coupled…


Note the word “resembles”. This is out of hand at this point. All he wants is his son and assets and “this will all go away”

There are reports about electronic documents and signature issues attached to this filing. I provide them here. The documents are not included so I can’t provide those, but the forensic expert referenced in the first part of this is the same one who did ALL of the examinations.…


This is where I close the book here in many ways. Thaler has close to ZERO credibility in my eyes- I am hesitant to even thread this part because the people here we will look at are every day normal people who faced financial hardship and filed bankruptcy. They just HAPPEN to be…


Brittany Avant:

(Cont) She has social media, phone and email available, email has been sent to confirm this embarrassing life issue. I don’t think Thaler did this.

I am not doing this. Anyone can access the filings – you can try court listener or you can sign up for PACER and you can view them for yourself. My conclusions are coming next.

Is there money laundering through cartels, deeds, real estate, etc? YES

Are there corrupt and bribed officials? YES.

Does this happen all the time? YES.

But the NERVE of this man to lump election integrity onto his personal beef with his wife is infuriating beyond all get out.…


Imagine that there are false allegations made in these filings- imagine being BRITTANY right now. The fact of the matter is, after spending hours reviewing all of this documentation— HIS RECORD – not the person he is suing, no one but him – I do not think he is a credible person.…


Originally tweeted by Tracy Beanz (@tracybeanz) on February 28, 2023.

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