New AI filter rolled out on tiktok. 😳

I see this AI filter as an illusion similar to Buddhist illusions of the small self or ego; the deluded self which clings to imported illusions akin to AI filters or self-generated illusory filters such as narcissism or almost any personality construct since all of them are false constructs—communicative illusions and expectations—that cover over and obscure authentic thusness of real being. The day may come when AI will help us see through all this. Our real fear of AI transhumanism is that it will be the false-humanism we have always known but made stronger and even harder to escape from. Buddhism is all about escaping the delusions of the false self, escaping the cage the false self constructs around itself and projects at others. A good AI program might be one whose highest level of thought is the Buddhadharma complete with its morality/ethics and realization that all identities, selves, and filters are false constructs. ABN

For those curious to learn more my husband @veilofreality also made a video about this topic

Originally tweeted by Laura Matsue (@lauramatsue) on March 4, 2023.

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