Rachel Levine is a tax-funded transgender activist who has worked tirelessly to promote sterilizing and irreversibly disfiguring children

🧵Rachel Levine Mega Thread🧵

Rachel Levine is a tax funded transgender activist. Since being appointed as Pennsylvania’s Physician General in 2015, Levine has worked tirelessly to promote sterilizing and irreversibly disfiguring children.

Here is the proof:

“If I had transitioned when I was young then I wouldn’t have my children. I can’t imagine a life without my children.”


Levine advocates for information censorship, asking healthcare professionals to stop “health misinformation” and “collectively advocate for our tech companies to create a healthier, cleaner, information environment.

@SecretaryLevine tells MD’s they need to be activists for medical transgender care in minors.

“I believe in our role as truth-tellers. And the truth that we need to confront now is that medicine and science are being politically perverted.”

Rachel Levine explains how the “full power of the Federal Government,” is being used indoctrinate kids with transgender ideology.

🚨Bombshell email

In 2017, @SecretaryLevine asked CHOP Gender Clinic Co-Founder, Nadia Dowshen, for literature to support gender confirmation surgery protocols in minors. This was the response:

“Hi Rachel, I’m not aware of existing literature but it is certainly happening.”

Rachel Levine talks about breaking glass ceilings and being an inspiration to other women.

@HHS_ASH is critical that the bill prevents students from finding “one supportive adult” that is “not always the parent, frequently it’s a teacher..”

🚨🧵 Public Records show Rachel Levine discussing potential revenue and ROI associated with having a Gender Clinic Social Worker.

In a 2017 interview @HHS_ASH explains it’s not enough to tolerate and accept transgender ideology, you must CELEBRATE it.

This is one of many reasons why elections matter. Had Tom Wolf not become Pennsylvania Governor in 2015, it’s unlikely Levine would have had the opportunity to become a tax funded activist.

Let’s follow the UK’s lead and stop harming kids.

Originally tweeted by Megan Brock (@MegEBrock) on March 5, 2023.

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