SINGAPORE: High infant mortality linked to covid vaxxes

Singapore is in a Catch-22 situation, with lots of evidence that the covid vaccines are causing infant mortalities. With their Real World Data showing, the Government has a few options left.

  1. Take responsibility, be the first country to recall the mRNA product, and stop the vaccination campaign to reduce further harm to the population. Begin looking at vaccination detoxification. (highly unlikely) 
  2. Wait for Pfizer or another country to recall the product and risk further harm to the population (but 90% of the population is already harmed). (maybe)
  3. Blame it on Long COVID or create other narratives (i.e. Parents with Long Covid, Parents contracted Covid during pregnancy, etc.). Although this will be a huge gamble, they are simply kicking the can down the road. (maybe)
  4. Pretend nothing happened and perform the UK and France backpedalling dance (i.e. end vaccination and booster campaigns for those under 50, citing other reasons). (most likely)

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