Xi urges officials ‘to fight’, accuses US of encircling China

President Xi Jinping has accused the United States of encircling China and urged his officials to “have the courage to fight” for their future as Beijing escalates its rhetorical threats against the superpower.

The broadside from Xi, who rarely directly references the US in official comments, was coupled with a warning from Foreign Minister Qin Gang at the National People’s Congress in Beijing.

“If the US does not hit the brake but continues to speed down the wrong path, no amount of guardrails can prevent derailing and there will surely be conflict and confrontation,” Qin said.


Brandon’s handlers, Xi Jinping, and Vladimir Putin are locked in a KOBK battle for world domination. KOBK game-theoretics explain what is happening in the world today better than anything else. There is virtually no way out for any of them. Brandon’s handlers—the gang that occupies USA—sees now as their best and possibly last chance to seize control of the world. That they are on the verge of being widely exposed for covid malfeasance and treason only adds to their motivation. The closer anyone gets to exposing or defeating them, the harder they will fight. From this, we can conclude WW3 is all but certain, and there are many other signs. I say this not to discourage or preprogram anyone but only to state the stark reality as it is. No one has ever played KOBK with such high stakes. Xi is known to be a gambler, willing to take huge risks. Putin has a habit of being cautious. Brandon’s handlers are rash, ruthless, and ready to risk major Western cities in their effort to conquer the world. The odds of nukes flying have never been greater. ABN

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