🚨🚨Estimated 2022 US Vaccine Damage Report

Estimated Human Cost:
✅26.6 million Injuries
✅1.36 million Disabilities
✅300k excess deaths

Estimated Economic Cost:
Total: $147.8 Billion
✅Injuries: $89.9 billion
✅Disabilities: $52.2 billion
✅Excess Deaths: $5.6 Billion

Pfizer & Moderna in 2022 had combined C-19 vaccine revenues in US of $11.5 billion so…

🚨🚨For every $1 dollar they made it cost the US economy $13 dollars.

Quite the negative societal ROI.

Largest crime scene in history. Multiply this across the globe.



Estimated Human cost report:


Estimated Economic cost report:


Project Overview:


Our economic damage estimates are what we can measure. The knock effects such as lost productivity due to a worker being present but working at say 50%-75% of capacity is missed plus burn out from those picking up slack. Also supply chain delays are not captured etc and etc.…


Originally tweeted by Edward Dowd (@DowdEdward) on March 28, 2023.

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