Consciousness as signal interpretation

Consciousness can be defined as “that which interprets signals” or “that which can discriminate and choose between signals.” A single cell that can distinguish light and darkness and choose one or the other is conscious in this respect. (I wonder if the choice needs to be “better” in some way, evolutionarily or even subjectively even … Continue reading Consciousness as signal interpretation

Political signals from the president

Why is Obama the first president to campaign “…strongly for his chosen successor in at least 100 years”? (Why President Obama Campaigning For Clinton Is Historic) One explanation is corruption in his administration is so widespread, he fears exposure under a Trump presidency. An example is Clinton’s emails. Obama both sent email to and received … Continue reading Political signals from the president

Repost: Signals and subliminal signal associations

Signals sent between people are almost never simple, single entities devoid of ambiguity. Indeed, even very clear communicative signals, especially in interpersonal communication, are often fraught with subliminal associations. These “extra” associations are a primary cause of interpersonal error and ambiguity, and deriving from that, of individual, personal discomfort or neurosis. We have mentioned this … Continue reading Repost: Signals and subliminal signal associations

A signal-based model of psychology: part two

If we consider humans to be complex signaling systems or networks, then it is readily apparent that each human network signals within itself and also is connected by signals to other networks. In A signal-based model of psychology: part one, we said: the only significant interpersonal signaling data we can really know with significant certainty … Continue reading A signal-based model of psychology: part two