How signals form in the brain

Researchers at the University of Oxford’s Centre for Neural Circuits and Behaviour have discovered that: “…nerve cells collect evidence for the alternative choices as minute voltage changes across their surface. These changes build up over time until they reach a hair-trigger point, at which the nerve cell produces a large electrical impulse. This impulse signals … Continue reading How signals form in the brain

General analyses of signaling systems illuminate fundamentals of psychology

Individual psychology is a locus or node within a larger social system. More precisely, individual psychologies are particular signaling systems within larger social signaling systems. It is valuable to see this because general analyses of signaling systems—even those having nothing to do with human psychology—can shed light on human signaling systems, including both individual psychology … Continue reading General analyses of signaling systems illuminate fundamentals of psychology

Personality disorders and signaling

In my opinion, “personality disorders” are more easily understood as signaling problems. All types of personality disorder involve dysfunctional signaling with other people. Signals are both sent and received in ways that result in suffering. As currently defined, personality disorders “develop early, are inflexible, and are associated with significant distress or disability.” Thus, if there … Continue reading Personality disorders and signaling

Psychology as fundamentally signals

I propose that we largely discard all other paradigms for human psychology and replace them with one based on signals. Humans are semiotic entities who signal constantly internally and externally. No need for personality or self. Signals are objective, measurable, quantifiable, and analyzable. And they are at the heart of everything we call “psychology.” The … Continue reading Psychology as fundamentally signals

Consciousness as signal interpretation

Consciousness can be defined as “that which interprets signals” or “that which can discriminate and choose between signals.” A single cell that can distinguish light and darkness and choose one or the other is conscious in this respect. (I wonder if the choice needs to be “better” in some way, evolutionarily or even subjectively even … Continue reading Consciousness as signal interpretation

Political signals from the president

Why is Obama the first president to campaign “…strongly for his chosen successor in at least 100 years”? (Why President Obama Campaigning For Clinton Is Historic) One explanation is corruption in his administration is so widespread, he fears exposure under a Trump presidency. An example is Clinton’s emails. Obama both sent email to and received … Continue reading Political signals from the president