A Change Is Gonna Come – Bill Frisell

To Understand Christine Blasey Ford, Take a look at Palo Alto University

Love Swing

Natural beginning of Buddhist practice

Northern Crusades (Herkus Mantas) ENGLISH SUBTITLES, costume drama: Medieval Prussia (Well-worth viewing, especially due to cultural perspective. ABN)

1911 – A Trip Through New York City


Niall Ferguson on the Intellectual Dark Web and the Culture War

Deripaska Putin agreement signing

#WalkAway Vid

Jordan Peterson vs Susan Blackmore • Do we need God to make sense of life?


Good photo


Fire and Ice: The Winter War of Finland and Russia

Related: Sgt. Väinö Orpana’s diary from the Winter War

The Baltic forest and moorland

King Mindaugas (Valdžia), ENGLISH SUBTITLES, FULL MOVIE (costume drama about the Medieval Lithuania)

Soviet Union Parade of Athletes 12 August 1945