What is FIML?

FIML is a form of analytical psychotherapy that removes wrong interpretations of interpersonal signs and symbols from the brain’s semiotic networks.

Since humans are fundamentally semiotic animals who react instinctively to signs and symbols (semiotics), it is essential that we have a way to clear out wrong interpretations. FIML, or something similar, is an absolute must for clear thinking and rational psychology.

You cannot clean up most wrong semiotic interpretations by yourself. You must have a trusted partner to help you because signs and symbols function as tools of communication.

Since they are also the building blocks of human psychology, clearing up wrong semiotic interpretations also clears up human psychology.

FIML is an acronym that stands for Functional Interpersonal Meta Linguistics.

For a basic description of how to do FIML see: How to do FIML.

For more information about the theory and practice of FIML, please see other posts on this site, most of which are concerned with FIML in one way or another.

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