Pat Buchanan: Trump Must Break Judicial Power

…one of the mightiest forces that has birthed the new populism that imperils the establishment is that unelected justices like Warren and Brennan, and their progeny on the bench, have remade our country without the consent of the governed–and with never having been smacked down by Congress or the president. (Source)

Well-worth reading, no matter your views. ABN

See vid below for a sense of what we are up against. There are some indications that information on the raid in Yemen was leaked in this way. Chief Petty Officer William “Ryan” Owens was killed in that raid.

Relevant: Convicted, Released Illegals Committed 121 Murders During Obama Years

Looks like more fake news

See this: Are The NY Times And WaPo Buying Massive Amounts Of Clicks From China?

Last week the Failing New York Times published an article crediting Donald Trump and the controversial election for “more subscribers in three months than all of 2015,” claiming the addition of 276,000 new “digital-only” customers. The beleaguered publication owned by Mexican Billionaire Carlos Slim is doing so well in fact that they are vacating 8 floors of their New York headquarters to generate “significant rental revenue,” as well as pushing lame Twitter ads offering 40% off subscriptions which state things like “Truth. It’s vital to democracy” and “The best independent journalism.”

Site traffic to the NYT from China increased massively in just two months, according to the article linked above.

Bowling Green terrorists: the real story

Conway said “massacre” instead of “terrorists.” That is the extent of her “mistake,” which is still getting news time. The video below shows what she was concerned about and why. Straight-up killers of Americans plotting to take more lives.

Just in: Minnesota Teen Attacked By Knife Wielding Somali

All the News That Fits the Agenda: Mainstream journalists have betrayed their calling

Pizzagate: “The signs are everywhere”

A new video from the Department of Homeland security focuses on human trafficking and a pizza sign.

Followers of the Pizzagate story are reading a lot into this. The pizza sign appears in the first few seconds of the video while the narrator says, “The signs are everywhere.”

Watch the video here.

Read public discussion of it here.

If Pizzagate and/or similar is as big as many believe and if the Trump administration busts it, we will witness possibly the greatest sociopolitical act in history.

Liberal subculture is totalitarian

Bill Clinton said in 1995 what Trump is saying today on immigration. And Clinton said it to a standing ovation (see video below). The only difference is Clinton did not follow through while Trump is.

Compare the responses of liberals then and now. What this shows is that liberalism today has become a totalitarian subculture with mores and taboos that are impervious to reason, law, or fundamental American traditions.

The existence of this subculture is proved by the fact that ~90% of US academia and MSM is liberal. This is not a diverse subculture open to a variety of views. Rather, it is a closed cult-like subculture that blames, ostracizes, and attacks its opponents.

A real civilization is open to all ideas, willing to examine them on their merits. The legal and political rules of American civilization provide for just that by protecting the rights of individuals to say and think what they want.

A totalitarian subculture does not do that. Instead, it insists on its ideas as being the only valid ones while working to destroy the civilization that has allowed it to grow into a monster. The weak point of the American system is it protects individual rights but has few means to prevent uncivilized subcultures from taking over important parts of American society, thus subverting its core values and ideals.

Pizzagate related news

Pizzagate may or may not be a real thing, but the basic premise behind it—that powerful people do stuff like that—is real.

That said, here are a couple of interesting links.

The first link involves David Boies, a highly respected lawyer in New York City. The claim is that a lawyer of his stature would never bring a case like this unless he has strong evidence. Epstein is related fairly closely to Pizzagate, Bill and Hillary Clinton, other top Democrats, and so on. The case was filed only yesterday, so this is newsworthy. Its implications are not yet fully known, of course. The comments at the link above are interesting and provide more information.

The second link is to a radio interview with Jim Rothstein, a retired NYPD detective who spent his career investigating adult and child sex trafficking. He discusses many aspects of this type of crime that are probably not known by most people.

Alt Right as the socio-political phenomenon it is and why you should know about it

At its core the Alt Right is pro-white.

As mentioned in a previous post:

I support a strong, clear white voice similar to the Chinese, Japanese, or Zionist voice. Similar to voices all over the world.

You have to be an idiot not to see the demographic danger whites face and you have to be an ass to welcome this, as Joe Biden famously has done.

Incidentally Buddhists, even the Dalai Lama has spoken out against demographic changes that destroy traditional cultures. He should know. Tibet is all but finished, overwhelmed by Chinese immigration.

The idealist fantasy of one world where all peoples are mixed (and somehow still diverse) may come to be some day, but this is not a good goal for the present.

The left that supports the eclipse of whites is violent. They do physical harm and they do cultural harm. It is the left that has brought about the destruction of American academia and MSM, both of which are 90% liberal and both of which act much more as propaganda organs than institutions that disseminate knowledge and information.

The supposedly “diverse” left does not support intellectual diversity.

I do. Here is a Q&A from a Swedish Alt Right person: I am Daniel Friberg, CEO of Arktos, co-founder of and author of “The Real Right Returns.”

I quite recommend this Q&A, especially if you are opposed to the Alt Right. The voice is reasonable and the positions clear. Additionally, this movement is not going away. It is based on demographic facts and a political reality that has for decades subverted national interests and voices.

Edit 1/25: This is from 2008, but it’s much worse for Tibet today:

The Dalai Lama accused China of “cultural genocide” yesterday as violent clashes over Beijing’s rule in Tibet spread to neighbouring provinces.

Ideological tribalism

Do people like the one in the video below and celebrities like Ashley Judd not realize that they are demonstrating the raw tribalism that all but forced Trump’s victory?

Many other celebrities have done the same. Meryl Streep’s rant was based on an appeal to emotion that has been debunked many times. Robert De Niro used his acting skills to simply swear at the then president-elect on camera.

Do these people not understand the violent history of the left and the fear they engender with their abandonment of reason for tribal emotions?

Communist regimes killed so many people, you can’t even count the number. Communists came to power on the backs of emotional people who felt that their idealism was better than all others.

Often, those people were among the first the communists killed, along with the journalists who had cheered them on. These people were killed because once communist power was consolidated, they slaughtered anyone who questioned them.

The weakness of the American system is it respects individual rights so much it unwittingly allows groups to undermine it.

Sometimes those groups are corporations or secret societies and sometimes they are ideological and highly emotional—the tribe redefined as an abstraction to scream and cry about.

The vid mentioned at the top: